Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Run: Bonavista-Fish Creek loop

**(sidebar) Ok, apparently the Nike+ site is experiencing some bugs with it's "run sharing" functionality.... you are supposed to be looking at my run from earlier today! I did 7.82kms in 45:07, avg pace 5:45/km

I've decided this is my standard loop. Target time 45 minutes, head to Fish Creek, in at Acadia Dr, down and across and head west under the train bridge, back across the creek and up to Canyon Meadows train station, chug home and end with a 2 block walk to cool down. Nice!

I'm not so sure the distance is accurate, though. I calibrated my Nike+ on a treadmill, then read the instructions after (which, btw, say don't use a treadmill to calibrate!)

All in all, it felt pretty good. Once again, I forgot to take my rescue inhaler before going, so I was a little wheezy in the last five or so, but not too bad.

Yeah, that's another thing. I really need to get the athsma under control. I've been taking the control inhaler twice a day like I'm supposed to, but I need to take it on a stricter schedule. First thing in the morning is okay, but waiting until 10 at night is not good. And again, need to remember to take the rescue inhaler before exercise-- especially cardio. I guess that's another goal to add.