Friday, July 1, 2011

Big Announcement

I went public with this Big Announcement at my RR clinic night this week, and thought it might be a good end to my blog hiatus.

It's a life and relationship-changing announcement.

It's going to involve some crying, some naps, probably some loss of sleep...

Running in Medicine Hat


I'm going to run the Calgary Marathon next spring!

The half-marathon training has been going really well-- not that I've been posting about it. I've been running very consistently for a year now (the most consistent training I've ever done), and posted a PR 1:50 in the Big Run half-marathon this past spring. I think the half will always be my favorite distance, but it's time for a new challenge!

The plan is to continue on with the half-marathon group at the Country Hills Running Room this summer, but rather than start a new cycle with them in the fall, just jump up to the Marathon group, and start upping the distance over the winter. Not sure how it'll go, but gotta set goals for myself!

Anyone else doing their first 42.2 next year? Any training tips? Any bets on whether or not I can keep up the blog consistently? :)