Thursday, July 7, 2011

Three Thankful Things Thursday

1. Thanks to my beautiful wife and better half for being so understanding when I'm working crazy hours to help build this little business.

2. Thanks to the people who motivate me! Again, my lovely wife, plus all the other awesome run club buddies at the Country Hills Running Room - especially those (past, present) in the Half Marathon Clinic. I know not every one is a fan of the RR, but wow, our group sure is something special. Turnout is always great, the atmosphere and camraderie - regardless of age/gender/speed/fitness - is just amazing!!
Also in this group is a good friend of mine, who back in February convinced me (or I convinced him?) to do a Gran Fondo this year. We originally planned to do Kelowna, but on Saturday we're going to do Highwood Pass instead. We put in some time on the trainers over the winter, got a few road rides in, but I'm sure he's got me beat because he was riding to work more than I did! What makes it even more amazing is that this time last year, he wasn't able to even ride his bike due to a big health scare. Dude, hope you read this, and know how much you inspire me.

3. Thanks to God, Mother Earth, the weatherman... or whoever else you want to credit with this amazing weather we've had this week. I don't do well with heat, but man is it ever nice. Not sure if our flowers are holding up to it, between heat and the rainy weather a few weeks ago, but oh well.