Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Waterlogged and Violent, Untimely Illness

I'm doing the swimmer dance right now... head tilted to one side, shaking my head to try and get the water out. Good way to get a sore neck!

Workout tonight was tough-- speedwork in the pool. My first day back in the pool after missing last week due to a stomach bug (bacterial, I think). After 200m warmup, the workout was:
4X 50 descending to 80% (that means each 50 is faster than the last)
then 2 sets of:
3 x 50 descending on 1:10
50m ez non-free
2 x 100 at 80% on 1:50
50m ez non-free
100 m 90% (!)

We finished with a 4x50m relay - my team won! (I think some of the really fast guys tried to do 'fly for fun... I went all out!)

15 minutes of tough ab work/pushups to finish off, as usual.
In other news:
I signed up for the Oly at Wasa today! June 13, 2010 - look out!

We booked a trip to France and Spain last night! (Yay Airmiles) The plan is to fly into Paris, spend 4-5 days, train to Lyon, then Avignon or Nimes, then Barcelona for another 4-5 days. We'll be there for the last two weeks of April-- coming up soon!

I mentioned I had a stomach bug last week-- there's a bit of a story. I'm in sales, and call on million-dollar businesses, always talking almost exclusively to the business owner. Last week, my boss and his boss (VP sales) came to Calgary to visit customers with me. I lined up 5 meetings over a day and a half, and we'd planned to spend some time strategizing, and I was looking forward to even socializing with these guys, if only for dinner and windshield time. I've only been in the job for just over a year, and this was to be the first trip to spend time in Calgary with me for both of them.

Well, around lunch time on day one, my stomach was gurgling and not feeling that great. I thought I was just hungry, but didn't really manage to eat much. I thought it was gas or indigestion, so popped a couple of tums. Got through the second meeting just fine, but in the middle of the third meeting... I got that water-in-the mouth feeling. Just as the customer was telling my VP what a great job I was doing, I puked all over his floor. Luckily(?), there was a bathroom attached to his office, and so I finished in there, making horrible retching noises as I violently lost my lunch. What a way to make an impression!

Fortunately, everyone was more concerned with my well-being than the carpet or the interruption. I made it through the end of the meeting, handed my car keys to my boss, and that pretty much ended my week. I still have my job (if not my pride)...