Sunday, October 4, 2009

Whatta Week - Recovery and Moving!

After hobbling around for a few days, the legs came back. Didn't really find time to work out though- because we MOVED this week! Yes, no more Fish Creek Park (at least, not on a regular basis). We now have our first house (very excited, but very scared all at the same time).

Sunday was moving boxes (kinda sore from the race, but it was good to move around), Wednesday was the big move out, and Thursday was move-in. We had tons of help from family on both sides--the brother-in-law even took the day off on Thursday to help move all our stuff in, and he was a workhorse! I also had my engineer brother help us pack up the truck. He worked one summer for a high-end moving company here in town, and I must say, he's still got that "spatial awareness"... the tetris skills to put everything together. Lotsa help from my mom and dad, Nicole's sister, and even my parents' good friends came to help put stuff away. Awesome!

Amidst all the projects that come with a new house (it's only a year old, no landscaping, still decorating, etc) I did find time to go for a run (24:10). The pathways in the community are pretty good, but limited as it's still a construction zone, and they aren't connected to the larger network. Which sucks, because it means that to get a longer run in, I either have to do laps, or drive somewhere. Here's a map of the area (GoogleMaps doesn't even show it yet)

At least now we have room to put a couple of spin trainers in the basement. Which is vital, because I JUST SIGNED UP FOR IRONMAN 70.3 CALGARY!!!!