Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Have Shorts, Will Swim

Anyone who knows me knows that I can be, well, absentminded. I tend to forget or "misplace" stuff. So before I leave the condo, I have to do an inventory, like airline pilots do: wallet, check; keys, check; phone, check; laptop, check; sunglasses, check; inhaler, check...

Last night, I left for the YMCA with plenty of time to get to the swim session. I grabbed my gym bag-- bathing suit, check; goggles, check; cap, check; Y card, check; towel, check-- and started out to meet N at the pool.

When I got to the changeroom, I pulled out my suit, and.... it wasn't a suit at all. It was a shirt of similar fabric and color. I must have left it at home, hanging up. So I rushed home. No suit. The only other place it could be (and it was) was at the Y, in the lost and found.

I was actually only 15 minutes late, which just meant that I had to GO... no chatting, short breaks... and I still ended up staying an extra 10 minutes. All in all, it was a good swim-- the bulk of it being 25 drill, 75 free, three times each of six drills. I'm still fine-tuning my stroke, and I find that doing drills in that pattern is the most effective way of doing that.
2.4 km, 40 minutes
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