Friday, May 16, 2008

Days 8 and 9 - and a Surprising Weigh-In!

Yep... I'm up to 9 days in a row in my quest to do 30 minutes of exercise each day.

Last night was the usual 1 hour swim at the Y... about 2.5 km. The program was almost intervals-- most of it was "50 hard/50 ez", and a lot of pull drills.

I kept thinking about my 500m time from the Tinman last year. Am I faster than I was? Can I pull off a sub-10 minute 500? Or will I blow that time out of the water? I really have no idea, as I'm told the pool I'm training in now is actually 25 yards, not 25 meters. So I guess I really won't know until June 1.

I'm more worried about the bike. I haven't been training for it at all... (kind of hard when you don't own a bike!) I might have to borrow dad's bike again for the week, just so I've got something to train with. At least I know I'll have the bike before the race.

I also weighed myself last night at the Y (we're a no-scale household)... 234! That's pretty awesome, considering I was 246 a month ago! And it means I'll have to get a little more specific with my weight-loss goal of -20 lbs by Christmas. I'm told my healthy weight is closer to 210, so that's my revised goal. I will be 210 by Christmas.

Oh, almost forgot...this morning's workout was day 2 of my weight program-- chest/ triceps/ core. I'm definitely feeling stronger, but the iPod was absolutely crucial this morning! I like to think I'm a morning person, but doing core work at 5:30 am requires some loud, pumping music.
We're off to Wasa Lake for the weekend. I'll probably do two runs, one long and one with N (she says she's going to run around the lake with me-- I think she can definitely do it!). I'm also bringing my swim gear, but I haven't had time to rent a wetsuit, so if I do make it into the water, it will probably be sprints out from the dock and back! I'll probably wait until Monday, just to give the sun time to heat it up a little.