Saturday, January 2, 2010

Tour of Sage Hill

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Tour of Sage Hill

I know I said part two of my Garmin 310 xt review would be about spinning, but I'm having too much fun with Garmin Connect, so more about spinning tomorrow night. Click the link at the top, then click on the "Player" button on the top right. It'll draw my route for you, and at the same time trace a chart that you can change to show 2 of elevation, speed, or heart rate. I think that's pretty cool, gives me a good idea of how I did.

Pretty slow run, but then it was a little cold, and there was some more snow on the pathways.

I also figured out how to get it into MapMyRide, and as much as I hate manually drawing out maps for that site, I don't think it's worth it. I think I'll just stick to Garmin Connect. The one thing, though, is that you can embed maps in a site with MapMyRide, but you can't (or I haven't figured out how) on Garmin Connect. Common routes might be worth transferring, but it's not going to be a daily thing.

For those who care, to get data from Garmin Connect to MapMyRide, I had to export to a .tcx file (easy to do from Garmin dashboard), then log in to MMR, click "map new ride", then find the new route> import route, then select my device, then choose do import the file and not re-download from the device, find the file with the browse tool, then click import. Yes, it's easier than drawing out a map on MMR, but it's still a lot of clicks for something I don't really need (especially if the map I've embedded doesn't work!)

In other news, we're signed up for the K100 next summer with Nicole's office-- not sure what leg I'll end up running, but yet anther reason to get the training in. We've actually got a lot of stuff booked already for next year! I need to put it all into my BB so I don't forget!

In other other news, Nicole started her own blog!