Tuesday, January 12, 2010

First UCTC Workout of 2010 or Time To Read The Manual

Monday was the first UCTC workout of the year, and it was tough, but fun. It's so much easier to get through a workout when you've got to pay attention to the coach. Being in a big group helps, and although there are times where it's not possible to talk (spinning at 110 rpm, or standing for 2 mins...) but when you can, it sure makes the time fly by.

As great as it is to get back with the group, I sure am glad I've done the little bit of running and spinning that I have.

The workout was 1 hour on the bikes, doing three "hills" after a warmup. Start at 100 rpm, adding tension/a gear every minute, last two minutes standing, then spin back up to 100 rpm, then 110, then 120+, followed by a break. Run was on the track "at your own pace"-- I went pretty hard, but not so hard I couldn't chat. There was a lot of catching up with team-mates, and meeting new ones.

And I have my first major criticism of the Garmin. Well, actually it's more a self-criticism, because I didn't bother to set it up for the workout, and it became more of a nuisance than anything. What happened? Well, I thought about turning the GPS "off", but figured I'd test it to see if I got reception in the Jack Simpson at the University. I do, BUT... only on one half of the track. So when I was running, the thing kept beeping at me that it was losing signal. I would have turned it off, but somehow when I was trying to switch it from "bike" mode to "run" mode, I managed to lock the keys. Oh, and it's still running this morning-- according to it, the workout hasn't ended.

Like the title suggests, I really need to read that user manual. Even downloaded it. We'll see if I can find time today.