Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Preview Brick

For the non-triathletes, a "brick" is a training session involving more than one of the three triathlon sports. Usually it's bike then run, because it is the more physically challenging transition--your legs tend to think they're still pedaling, making the first few minutes of the run an odd sensation.

It's also a good idea to practice the actual transitions... that is, get off the bike, rack the bike, remove the helmet, put on a hat, switch shoes if you need to, take some water, and go! This transition process (from bike to run) is usually referred to as T2, as in Transition 2. T1 is swim-bike.

So this is what we did yesterday. N wanted to check out the course for her race next weekend, so we made the drive all the way out to Strathmore, drove the bike course, checked out the transition area parking lot, and talked through the transitions. As with any sport, the mental aspect is very important, especially in the transitions. It's difficult to fully practice transitions because you can't really reproduce the transition area, so you have to rely on a lot of visualization, mental walkthroughs and imagination. The maps provided by most organizers help, but ultimately you also have to be prepared to be flexible. After all, you don't know exactly where your spot in the transition area will be until raceday.

As I've been taught, we talked about preparation--arriving early, laying everything out, thinking about each task in each transition, and performing them methodically, and in order. Being focused, not rushed.
Ride hilight:
"Riding your bike costs more than riding the C-Train!" (Tire tube: $5. Transit ticket: $2.50)

"Eating these energy gels is going to take some practice."

"You are NOT buying a 25$ cowbell!"
"Okay, I'll get the 20$ one then."

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Total workout: 20k bike ~55mins (need to go a little faster for the race!), 3k run