Monday, August 18, 2008

Lake Chapparral Triathlon - Olympic

*Note: Pics in this post still need to be cropped... I'll add a few more when I can crop them later tonight.
I did it! I finished the Lake Chaparral Olympic Triathlon around my goal time. Not the perfect race or results, but not bad considering the heat and the training I've been doing (not so intense).

Here are some hilights of the commentary (aka my inner dialogue):

Should I put on sunscreen before I get in the water? No, it'll just wash off. I'll put some on before I get on the bike.
Okay, time to warm up. Windmill the arms, do the Micheal Phelps floppy arms... maybe i should just get in the water. That's what everyone else is doing. Do a few strokes, get the wetsuit wet.
Should I run into the water? I'm going to start near the back. I'm gonna take it easy at first.
There's the horn, here we go!
Ack! Legs and arms everywhere! Must find space to swim!
Wait a minute. This isn't my stroke... calm the F*** down, Jarrett!
Screw this, I'm going off to one side.
Oops, too far out. Why am I doing this again?
First buoy... doing okay, still breathing too hard. Calm down--at this rate you'll have nothing left for the bike and run!
I can see the dock... crap, keep going too far left! Good rhythm though.
Good corner, I'm back at the start. Feeling good now, just one more lap.
Homestretch! Keep sighting... Why do I feel like I'm not going anywhere? Only a few hundred meters to go!
There's the bottom of the lake... there's the cement of the boat launch.

"Careful- it's slippery" says the volunteer, taking my hand and helping me stumble up the cement ramp. "Thanks!" I think I said "thanks". I meant to.

Need to get out of the wetsuit... where's the zipper? Keep moving...

"Somebody knocked your bike over..." Shit. "Oh well, no big deal." At least they put it back on the rack. Peel wetsuit... stupid timing chip getting in the way! Towel off. Helmet. Sunglasses. Shoes. Gel and Clif bar. Drink water. Grab gloves, can put them on later. Grab bike and go!


Stupid bike gloves... I wish I could pedal "no hands" on this bike...
Crap. Didn't put on sunscreen. I'll be okay. Drink.
Wheeeeee! This hill is awesome! Slow down for the sharp turn! More downhill, s-curve, quick right, stand up and pedal, quick left, stand, right, stand, left around the traffic circle...
I'm loving this course! Drink.
F***ing hill. I have to do this four more times? ... And there goes another elite, like I'm standing still...

"You're almost there! Keep going, almost to the top of the hill! Good job! You can do it..."

I love volunteers! Drink.
Cool, I'm passing some people with way fancier bikes! Drink.
Smile for the camera! Hi Nicole!

Repeat 4 more times...

Rack bike. Helmet off. Shoes off. Runners on. Drink. Grab another gel. Go!
Legs feel like lead... keep it slow at first. Crap, I'm stitching already... breathe deep... waterstation good... I wonder where Nicole is...
There she is! Cowbell!
I'd better walk until this stitch goes away... So hot...
Sprinklers! YAY! Thank you, Chapparral residents!
Keep running... so hot... like Arizona hot!
What?! No water at the water station??! I don't think I'm gonna make it...

You can walk. No, keep running. You're dehydrated. Just walk for a bit. You'd better start running again, even the old guys are passing you. Yeah, well they're all in better shape anyway. But they started half an hour later!

Take a gel... wow, that actually helps!
Made it back. One more time around... Ah water! "Two, please!" Walk. Drink. That's better.
"You're standing in the middle of the course! Move!" Please...
There's Nicole!
This is more like it-- this is my stride.
Hot! Sprinkers!
They refilled the water station! "Two, please!" Walk. Drink. Ahh...
Keep running... good! I actually don't feel terrible...
I made it! There's Nicole! Raise arms in triumph!

I really, really want to just go jump in the lake!

Must... stretch. That was fun. I think I'll do it again!

Swim: 1.5km Bike: 40km Run: 10km
Unofficial time: 3:05 (official times not yet posted)