Friday, August 15, 2008

Overdoing the Taper

I really did plan to train this week. I know I can still finish the race (Chaparral Olympic Tri) this weekend, but I'm definitely not in top form. Too stressed from work and Fiji stuff! Ironically, training helps me de-stress...

Had a great time last weekend at N's race, the Strathmore Women's Tri. She did great, I was so proud! I had a blast making signs with the kids-- our neices and nephew-- and really enjoyed just supporting N, talking her through it, and giving a little bit of last minute advice on positioning her bike on the rack and relaxing, having fun! I felt really terrible though when she came in from her bike a little later than I expected, and told me that her front brake rubbed the whole way, until she held it away from the wheel! Well, she won't find it very hard to improve her time next year.

So aside from me freaking out a little about the increased distance and my relative lack of training, I'm pretty excited about this weekend. Going to be super busy though, as I have to go pick up my wetsuit after work, then I'm going to go buy a tri racing suit. In the Sprints, I've been racing with my Tyr knee-length jams, and throwing on a shirt, but for this race and the others I'm planning for next year, I think it's time for a one-piece suit. Maybe the time it saves me in transitions will counteract my training deficiencies. Yeah, right.

At some point either tonight or tomorrow, I have to check out the course. The bike course has a LOT of corners, and I want to make sure I know it well. If I can squeeze in a run tonight, a lap around the run course (which is also part of the bike course) is probably the best option.

Oh, and I also have to pick up my race package tonight. Can't do it tomorrow, as I have a haircut and a Fiji meeting. Hmm... maybe a buzz-cut will make me go faster?

Just kidding, N. (She married me for my hair ;) )