Friday, June 5, 2009

Vulcan Tinman and Chinook Half

The Vulcan Tinman is looking like it's gonna have crappy weather for the second year in a row- hopefully it doesn't get canceled again! I'm bringing lots of clothing choices and a rubbermaid box for transition just in case. Race organizer Barb has some great info on their website - basically, the show must go on, but some folks might miss the bike portion if the road is unsafe (they'd just give everyone the same time...) I, for one, will not be missing the event; they have great food, and a decent race package. Here's my packing list for racing and spectating, aside from the usual gear:
  • umbrella
  • chair
  • rain jacket and pants
  • sweater
  • full finger gloves
  • tarp
  • extra shoes
  • knobby bike tires (although i haven't decided if this will help or hinder if things get icky)
  • rubbermaid box
  • ski goggles (?)
On the other hand... it is Alberta, and the weather can change so fast around here, that you never know, it just might be okay by the time I race.

Since I'm not really doing anything better that day, and I'm not planning to race, I decided to volunteer for the Chinook Half (and Oly) this year! I'm looking forward to seeing a race from another perspective, and checking out the course... maybe I'll do it next year?