Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Flying Lesson

So we missed the social ride last (Monday) night... sometimes it's just a pain to drive across the city.

Instead, we went for a later ride through Fish Creek Park. It was pretty chilly, butI think we both felt weird bundling up after Sunday's relatively hot ride in Drumheller. As we were getting the bikes out, I was a little worried I'd overdressed, but as soon as the wind hit me, I was glad for the layers!

(I got bored trying to re-trace the same route, so I just hit "loop"... you get the idea.)

The coolest thing about this ride was that we saw a family of owls! The two babies were learning to fly... well, one was, the other was pretty convinced that he couldn't do it, and just sat there. The adults were flying from branch to branch every 10-15 minutes, silently graceful and composed, coaxing the young ones with hoots and purrs. We watched one of the juveniles for about half an hour- he flew from one tree to the other, but chose a very twiggy branch to land on, and kept getting tangled in the smaller branches and twigs. He kept trying to turn around, slowly and clumsily walking towards the trunk, looking like he wanted to fly, but was scared. It was pretty cool to watch, only about 20-30 feet away.

About an hour of actual riding