Monday, June 1, 2009

Badlands Bike Ride

For the past few years, my parents, brothers, and our significant others have had an annual "Family Adventure". Last year, we went to Waterton Lakes National Park. The year before that, we went whitewater rafting near Longview. This year, we went to Drumheller for the weekend.

Saturday was really hot, even in the morning. Four of us went running-- we just kind of explored the neighborhood we were staying in, and tried to run as much in the shade and near the river as we could. It was a pretty good run- a few fartleks mixed in, some slower stuff, and some time closer to race pace. Roughly 42 minutes.

We spent the rest of Sunday at the Royal Tyrell Museum - and even did a "Dino Site" interpretive walk. I found a fossilized tooth! We all found some petrified wood, and chunks of fossil bone. Don't worry, it was part of the tour, and no one kept anything, it all went to the guide. That night, we went to Rosebud for their famous dinner theatre--what a buffet-- and saw a great rendition of "Man of LaMancha".

Although I heard mention of getting up early to avoid the heat, our planned bike ride on Sunday didn't start until about 10:30 - which was just fine, because it wasn't as hot. Our little peloton was made up of myself, Nicole, my dad, brother Chad and his girlfriend Laura. We rode through town on a nice bike trail along the river, east towards Rosedale and East Coulee. The highway had decent shoulders, and the traffic we did see was very generous, usually changing lanes one the two lane highway to give us lots of room.

For a while, I was a little worried about dad, as he was the only one without a roadbike and clipless pedals (as we were leaving, he was singing "one of these things is not like the other...") but he held his own, and we made time. I'd have to get the exact distances from the people with the cycling computers, but I think it was about 16 km to the Hoo Doos. I've seen countless pictures of them, and they're smaller than I thought they'd be!

We had a little bit of a headwind on the way back, but we made it back to the Newcastle Inn in about the same amount of time (roughly 50 minutes each way).
I found out that my company is doing a "200 minute challenge" where you submit the number of minutes you exercise every 2 weeks, and you're supposed to shoot for 200 minutes every 2 weeks... I work remotely, so any chance to connect is great. I guess I've already hit my total for this week! (Not that that will stop me from training every day this week!)

Vulcan Tinman on Saturday! I'm excited!!