Thursday, June 4, 2009

9x Up and Down

Ah, Wednesday hill repeats. How I love/loathe thee.

Love it, because I'm clearly seeing improvements in my leg strength, endurance, and bike control. And, it's kind of fun. Loathe it, because it hurts. Well, I kind of like the hurt too... at least, the muscle hurt. The coughing so hard I almost pass out because I left my inhaler at home, not so fun.

We're supposed to go easy the first time up, then a little harder, then really push on the third before coming down for a 5 minute run. I thought I had warmed up pretty well along the river, and thought I was taking it easy the first time up, but my legs told me otherwise! It was weird; my thighs were beyond burning, but not cramping. They just felt really thick, like I could feel ever fiber of muscle, and not really in a good way?

Fortunately, that only lasted two reps. After my first run, I felt pretty strong, and managed to keep it mostly in third gear for the rest of the workout- a total of nine times up the hill.

90 minutes - 9 hill repeats - 3x 5 minute runs

Just started following Chuckie V- great tips, funny guy. Here's his latest article on the taper.... good stuff