Thursday, July 10, 2008

You Know You're a Triathlete When...

... you'd rather go running than go to an amazing party;
... you'd rather spend $$ on "multisport apparel", aka training gear, than Guitar Hero*;
... your computer wallpaper (and facebook profile photo) is a picture of your snazzy bike;
... vacation plans begin to revolve around races;
... you start to think of food as "fuel" (as in "an apple is a better fuel source than a Big Mac snack attack")
... you miss the start of your favorite show because of training (we need a PVR!)
... you're still glad you bought the bike rather than the PVR

*That was still a tough decision. C'mon, it's the ultimate air guitar!!

Last night, ~4.5km run with N, 35 minutes
Monday night, bike to Sicome Lake and back home, 45mins