Thursday, July 17, 2008

20 minute Challenge

Well, it was more like 40 minutes. I'm not sure though, you'd have to ask N, or "the woman with no heartbeat". (The HRM she got for her birthday doesn't seem to work-- but it does tell time and has a nifty stopwatch feature.)

We got to the Running Room at Glenmore Landing just in time to scoop the last two hats. We both thought that it was a little odd that they advertised that you had to pre-register to get a hat, but we weren't asked for any confirmation...

After a little pep talk and a group photo, the crowd (100 people at least?) set out for the paths. I was glad I wasn't out there on my bike! People running on the left side of the yellow line were oddly shocked to be sworn at by oncoming cyclists...

People were going off in all directions, but we decided to head south towards Heritage Park and the Hospital. N didn't think so at the time, but she was keeping a pretty good pace, even though she was chatting with some of the girls from her clinic who were there. While she chatted, I ran ahead, thinking to do intervals by pushing ahead, turning around and running back to N, running with her for a bit, then repeat. But she was kind of keeping up, so I didn't have far to run back, the first time.

At about the hospital, I pushed ahead once again, deciding to go all the way to Glenmore trail, and thinking N would turn around just past the hospital, and I could catch up to her pretty quickly... but it wasn't until I was past Heritage Park again that I even saw her! I think she does run faster when I'm not around.

Total time: ~40mins
Distance: ~5k

Gotta take it easy before Saturday! The plan is to bike for an hour tonight, then swim tomorrow, but I really want to ride my bike home tomorrow too. I'll just take it easy on the way home.