Monday, July 14, 2008

Fish Creek Loop in Reverse, No Flooding

I've been running with N a lot lately, which is great, I'm super happy that she enjoys it and wants to run with me. But let's face it, my legs are longer! And with the Open Minds 10k this weekend, I figured I should get at least one longer, harder run in this week.

We started off together, heading down Lake Fraser for Fish Creek Park. The plan was to go across Macleod at Canyon Meadows LRT, into the park on our usual route. N would keep running for about 20 minutes, then turn around, while I kept going through the park and back up the hill at Acadia Dr., and back around on my loop.

I handed her the keys, and took off just before the station, thinking if I went fast enough, I might be able to catch her again before she got back home. Since my Nike+iPod isn't well calibrated, I'm not sure what exactly my pace was, but it felt good to let loose and GO.

By the time I hit the hill, I was keeping a pretty good rhythm, and managed to keep a good cadence going, even though the hill shortened my stride. I focused on lifting my feet, keeping my stride as long as possible on the steep hill. It was tough, but I made it, and kept going. Down by the creek, I'd entertained the thought of doing repeats on the hill, but by the time I got to the top, I decided that maybe I should save that for another day.

I never did catch N before she got home, but it's okay, because she did buzz me into the building.

Time: 46mins
Distance: ~7.4km
Avg Pace: ~ 6min/km