Friday, October 29, 2010

Four Facts Friday

Since I missed Three Things Thursday, I thought I'd just add one thing...

1. Wednesdays with the Running Room clinic is open Practice Club- it was busy this week! Because we're back to the start of the clinic, we're doing short runs again on tuesdays and wedensdays. Tonight was the 'short loop' - basically around the block. Didn't push quite as hard as Tuesday, even though the run was slightly shorter. Should have waited until after the run to eat, though! Averaged around 5min/km for 3.47k

2. Finally figured out my Halloween costume... it's a little lame, but punny I mean funny. At least, I think it is. Maybe I'll post some pics next week and you can guess what the costume is!

3. We have sun! The weather's been so gloomy here for the past few days, that I just don't feel like doing anything. Add to that the fact that the daylight hours have suddenly vanished (its getting dark around 7:00), and it's tough to be motivated. Although I've lived in Calgary my whole life, I think the past few years, I've really been affected by this. There's even an apt acronym for it - SADD. I've decided I suffer from this. (Yay self-diagnosis!) and have started to take Vitamin D-- it's working so far.

4. Got out to the pool again today! Twice this week! Even saw a fellow former UCTC buddy there. She did IMC this year, which is pretty awesome. Sounds like it went well. She's now working with a private coach (not sure who), and offered me her workout since she was leaving as I was getting started. Didn't try it, but stuffed it into my gym bag for next time.
Instead, I did a warmup, then some more kick drills, then a solid 750m free (medium). Wasn't wearing my garmin, but got 14mins from the wall clock. Not bad. With the kick drills, I'm focusing more on keeping my legs more streamlined-- I was taught a 2-beat kick to save the legs for the bike and run, but I was tending to sort of scissor on my glide. Plus it's good conditioning, and those dolphin kicks with fins are pretty tough on the ol' abs.

Happy Halloween, all!