Monday, October 25, 2010

Big Fish

Today, I got back in the pool.

Like the bike, I haven't been back in the pool since the Calgary 70.3, but needed a bit of a break. I decided to head to Renfrew pool on my way downtown to work at my buddy's office, who I'm doing some contract work for. Thorncliffe is on the way too, but there tends to be a lot of walkers.

I didn't get out the door as soon as I would have liked, took me a little time to get all my stuff together-- that's what happens when you're starting a new routine! (Wifey will probably remark that I should have got my stuff together the night before, but that's the difference between her and I). To be honest, I was also a little intimidated to try Renfrew... I know that Keith swims there sometimes, and I didn't want to get bitten by any sharks.

Well, I didn't need to worry, because by 8am when I finally hit the pool deck, I was the big fish in the pool. :D

Warmup ~500m, easy free, kick with fins, pull
Main set of 500m, thinking about being smooth, imagine pulling myself along an underwater ladder.
Hard kick sets- 200m flutter with fins, 200m dolphin kick with fins (ow, my abs!), 100m no fins
200m cool down

I figured I'd take it relatively easy the first time out in 2 months, so called it a day after 45 mins.