Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Running with Faith and the Thin White Line

I've been meaning to write this post for a few months now. Down in Ohio again, and again, it's a challenge to find a place to run-- I'm realizing how great Calgary is, with all the pathways and green spaces. Where I am this week, it's hard to find even a sidewalk to run on sometimes. So I've found a default run.

Right near where I'm staying there's a whole compound of churches--there have to be 10 churches within the same small area. I'm sure it's busy in the evenings and especially on Sundays, but early in the morning, it's deserted. Clear, perfect pavement, great landscaping and pathways, and even a bit of a hill. It's well lit, too, unlike the residential areas.

Unfortunately, it's not that big of a place. So my 30 minute run loop ends up on a back country road. Nice, quaint houses, even a horse stable. The crappy part is that the shoulder is 2-3 inches wide. A good time to run into traffic, with one foot in the ditch. Still, I don't think local drivers are used to seeing a runner on the road so I end up praying more as I tightwalk-run on the white shoulder line than I do around the churches!

~30 minute run, 6-7 kms (?)

Also just updated the links to races I'm planning to run. Looks like the first one will be Try This Tri at Foothills pool, May 24th.