Wednesday, April 15, 2009

2 Beautiful Mornings in Vancouver

Was in Vancouver for meetings the past two days, and brought my running gear-- just in case. I figured that there would be quite a lot of working and drinking (a bunch of sales guys getting together always is), but I thought I should at least try to get one run in.

I got in Monday night, and after meeting most of my team for the first time, we go for dinner and drinks. It wasn't a late night, nor a particularly crazy one, but drinks were had... nonetheless, I set my alarm early. I went to bed excited to run-- we were staying on Howe street, 2 blocks from False Creek, and I knew it would be a great day, and a beautiful time to run. That, combined with the fact that I had been stressing out all week about presenting my first sales plan (!) made it hard for me to sleep.

I woke before my alarm, got geared up, and out the door around 6:40-- blue skies, the sun still low on the horizon, the air crisp and fresh, perfect for a run. The concierge pointed the way, and I had no trouble finding the pathway, headed right. It was oddly familiar (I spent two summers living in the Lower Mainland, and spent a little bit of time downtown-- 8 and 9 years ago!) but still exotic, unusual, and a great adventure.

Past Granville Island, onto English Bay, I ended up at Second Beach. Did you know they have a new tide pool there? It's a manmade swimming pool that draws in oceanwater in the summer! All the way, there are beautiful parks, with huge trees, green grass (in April!) and lots of trendy little cafes, restaurants, marinas, and apartments. It was such a refreshing and wonderful run, I knew I'd be out the next day, too.

After another late night, this morning's run was equally spectacular. Rather than turn right onto the path, I went left. Much of the same, but more urban- new condos going up, quaint houseboats, more marinas, BC Place, and eventually, the Science Center.

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It was a busy few days, most of it spent inside the hotel conference room. The food, drink, and (most importantly) the company were amazing in the evenings, and I learned a lot at the meetings, but the real highlight of my trip were those two brief morning runs.