Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Spicy Thai!

"Spicy Thai" has nothing to do with my workout today... aside from the fact that I'm glad I ran before dinner, because right now I'm eating Tums like they're candy. I ordered a 2 out of 5 for spice, and it was almost inedible. My cohort from South Carolina had a 4/5 and wasn't even breaking a sweat, but one of the other guys who ordered a "2" tried the "4" and said they were about the same. Could just be the buildup, or maybe the cook just spilled the chili flakes.

More to the point though, I found a solution to the rarity of streetlamps... run before sunset! I even saw a few locals out and about (no, I don't say 'out and aboot'--I don't care what the Americans think! It's not 'ahwt and abaowt', either.) The weather down here tonight is great; in the plus teens celcius. Makes me want to get on my bike and ride!

I'd better be losting weight. The pants are baggy, and I'm eating pretty darn healthy down here.

37:42, distance unknown, but I'd guess 6-7 km.