Sunday, March 1, 2009

Making Tracks

I'm so proud of my honey! I remember when a 20 minute run was a real challenge - and yesterday, we did over an hour. Fish Creek Park sure looks different in the winter; it's bare, but beautiful. There's a sense of openness that is a little bizzare, until you realize it's because there's no tall grass, and no leaves on any of the trees.
You can tell there are a lot of people using the park-- you don't see as many as in the summer, but there are bike tracks, foot prints, tire treads from the plow, and even some cross-country ski tracks. We managed to do the entire loop.
Today, we also got to the pool portion of Super Sunday. I did 3,100 m
Although racing season hasn't really started yet, it's certainly Registration season! I'm signed up for Melissa's in September (thanks, Dan!), and early-bird registration for the Vulcan Tinman is next weekend.

More to come.