Friday, January 4, 2013

Coming to Terms With My Social Media Personna

... aka Why I Haven't Posted for So Long.
... aka (Hate the Word, but) Resolutions part 1
... aka Full Circle

I started this blog a long time ago (well, long time in technology years, where there's some sort of exponential-growth calculation needed, not just times seven like dog years) to discuss my discovery of triathlon, and to keep me accountable to my goals.

A new year naturally inspires reflection, as we come away from Winter Solstice with new hope as days get longer. I've never much liked the concept of (ugh) Resolutions, they just seem like over-hyped and under-thought broken promises to yourself each year. But I am a big fan of setting goals. And it is true that putting stuff "out there"is a good way to stay accountable.

The thing is, I think about technology a little too much. I work at a desk, on which sits a laptop, an extra monitor to handle the 25 different windows I seem to need open, a landline phone, an iPhone, an iPad... and a couple hundred pounds of paper. I haven't had time at work to blog, and when I come home, usually the last thing I want to do is sit in front of a computer. Tried Twitter, it's too impersonal and, well, just too much information. Facebook is okay, but well, too personal. I stopped blogging primarily because I kept wanting to write about things other than my original intent, and I felt obligated to reciprocate comments, and felt a need to foster views and comments.

So what changed? I just decided to look at blogging differently. I've decided I don't care what you think! No promises as to frequency or what I'll write about, and I'm okay with that.

Happy New Year.