Saturday, January 5, 2013

2013 Goals

Let's get right to it. There's no other way to say it, but in 2012, I did not focus enough on ME. I'm not saying I was a selfless saint, but I just didn't spend enough time, thoughts, and energy on myself. Work, family, distractions all took precedent, but in 2013 I'm going to focus on me a little more, so that I can be a better dad, husband, boss, employee.

So, here's the plan:

Start Each Day with Intention, or, Focus On the Little Things
Reflecting on 2012, I got out of routine in the morning. My work is extremely varied, I work a lot of hours, and I'm near the top of the "org chart" (if we had one), which means that I'm able to get away with a flexible schedule. In early, in late, I still work a lot, so it didn't really matter when I showed up. This really throws off a morning routine. So, in 2013, I'm going to get up sooner, have a consistent routine that focuses more on little details, like taking at least 5 deep, focused "yoga" breaths the moment I wake up. I've started doing this, and it's amazing how it shakes out the cobwebs, physically and mentally.

I've got a whole list of things like this that I want to do, but I'm going to take on 1-2 of them until they become routine. This is probably the biggest, yet smallest change - spending a little more time preparing for each day, rather than just zipping out the door to tackle the world.

Save Money
Wifey has a great blog post about this here, but the gist of this one is that I've been spending too much money on fast food (which makes me feel like crap), and less money on distractions - especially iTunes (TV shows and movies on Apple TV, in-app purchases like digital comic books). I'll do this cold turkey in January, since I have more than enough stuff to occupy my time, and I've been contemplating disconnecting the credit card from my account and budgeting by buying iTunes gift cards and using those instead. Oh, and no drive-thru at all in 2013.

More Exercise
(Duh). I'm actually in the worst shape of my life. My asthma and allergies are worse than they've ever been, the "triplets" are back (ie my gut looks so big I might be carrying multiples), and my running times are not so great.

The plan here is to a) make up missed runs from my running room training plan, and run at least 10k per week, shooting for 750 km in the year, and b) work out in the basement after baby goes to bed, at least three times per week. I'm hoping we'll have more time to go hiking this summer, too.

Part of my work goals this year are to measure more, so I'm going to carry this over into my personal life. This part might be overly ambitious, but I like spreadsheets, so I'm going to put one together to track my exercise and physical progress.

Oh, and the last part of the exercise goal is to run at least two half-marathons. I'd also like to do an Olympic Triathlon, but we'll see if I can squeeze that in.

Take More Down-Time
In 2012, I had one week off when my daughter was born, one week in Phoenix in the fall, and a few days here or there (that I more than made up for in "overtime"). This year, I want to take at least an extra-long weekend in Fernie this summer, go back to Phoenix, and go fly-fishing in Smithers, BC, with my Dad.

Lastly, I'll spend more time on my garden this year. 2012 was okay, but I was working too much to really take care of it properly.