Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bootcamp Carnage!

Have been really consistent with training and the job hunt, (even doing some consulting in the meantime), but that hasn't left much time for blog posts!
Quick recap of the last week (or two?)
- New shoes arrived in the mail (woo!) Didn't realize how bad my old ones had been pounded down!
- Almost had my calf chomped off by a dog-- the owner had him sit as we went by, but didn't pay close enough attention, and SNAP! inches from my calf. Not so bad, until I turn around, and he's giving the dog a treat! RAGE!!
- Same run a above, I pointed out a pile of (garter) snakes sunning themselves on some rocks to Nicole: cute little scream and she sure picked up the pace!
- New Adamo saddle on my bike, thought it was good, but I think it cuts off circulation. I'll save it for when I have a tri bike.

So last night was bootcamp night at the Running Room. It was a ton of fun, but we were crammed under the gazebo to stay out of the rain... I managed to strain my elbow doing pushups, and my pace buddy fell twice playing tag-- the second time, he slipped and hit hit head on a bench, and opened up a cut right next to his eye! He's gonna have a real shiner!!!

The good thing about my "tennis elbow" was that I had  great conversation with the guest trainer afterwards, and learned a lot about where my muscle imbalances are, and how to improve my posture. I sort of know about these things, but when you talk to someone knowledgeable about them, you're that much more aware, and are more able to make changes!

Physio and Chiro for me!