Wednesday, December 23, 2009

First Early Morning Winter Run

... The first of many. Realizing that I'd been making too many excuses, I went out and bought some waterproof trail runners, and bundled up yesterday to get out early. Read an article in RW about runners vs. cars, so grabbed what I had to stay visible. Had a few realizations/ revelations on the short (25min) run:
  • While it's important to be visible to vehicles, maybe my mini-bike lights tied to my jacket at the hip, bouncing and swaying on strobe is not necessary on a well-lit street. It's also a little dizzying on the pathways and doesn't really help me see!
  • I need to get some gaiters.
  • Need to find my headlamp!
  • Cold air hurts the lungs! But feels so good...
  • I wonder if the neighbors really are growing drugs... (there's some speculation among the other neighbors, as these guys are renting, leave their garage door open 24/7, and have vehicles coming and going all the time. They just towed away a burnt-out SUV that was parked halfway on their lawn. Yes, burnt out-- the thing started on fire last Saturday night, which is a good reason not to leave it running...)
  • These new shoes are pretty great!
  • I need to do this more often.
Between moving (Oct 1), the New Job (technically it's been just over a year now, but still feeling a little lost) and the training for said job (which just wrapped up with twelve-18 hour days over the first two weeks of December), I've been knocked off my training and blogging.

Signed up for UCTC again, btw.