Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Getting Used to New Goggles

After taking a rest day Monday, it was back to the pool on Tuesday. Since I had such a great race on Sunday, I decided to go to the deep end. The workout there was 2500m-- not too long.

What killed me were the sprint sets - 4x50m descending on 1:10. That is, do 50m, and whatever time you have left under 1:10 is your rest. Oh, and you have to swim faster each time. It actually felt great, I was able to build gradually, and was going pretty all out by number four. The next set though, was 5x250m at 1500m race pace, and I just couldn't pull it together. I was drained for the first two, sloppy and sluggish. By the third and fourth ones, it was starting to come together, but it still felt relatively sloppy. Oh well.

I started off a little behind, too- trying to adjust the new goggles. They are awesome for visibility: sighting is easier, and I don't have to take them off to see the clock. But for something that suctions to my face that well, it's odd that they leak slightly. After some playing around, I figure I need to just not press them onto my face.

As usual, after the swim, it was onto the deck for abs/pushups with the team. Good times. It's actually getting a little easier, I think. I've decided to do yoga every morning-- I'm on day 4, I think.

Tonight, the hill at Edworthy. I'll bring the camera.