Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fast Taper

Yeah, yeah. I know I've been terrible at updating. And I've actually had a lot to write about! I'll catch up, though.

This weekend is the first race of the year! Try This Tri is on Sunday, and I'm ready. The UCTC spring session started two weeks ago, and it's been tough, but great. My training this week has been pretty good, too (even if it's been out of town).

Tonight was about 1 km in the pool- warmup, 500m hard, then a cooldown working on stroke and sighting. The 500m was great-- I had to ask the lifeguard what the actual length of the pool was, to make sure it's actually 25m. It was that fast. For me, 8:38 is blazing!

I was really anxious to get a swim in this week, and tried to go on Monday, but wasn't able to because they were taking the roof off... apparently they do it every spring, and I happen to be in town for the exact day it happens. Sigh. Oh well. Monday was a bust.

But I did get out for an after-dark run on Sunday- that was crazy. As in, halfway through the run, I was thinking I was crazy. I'm not really staying in a residential area this time, and running on the freeway or in the ditch was not a good idea. 25 minutes was enough for me.

Tuesday was better - I decided to search for a park to run in. "Sycamore Trails" sounded like a good bet... except there aren't really any trails there. So, I found a nice residential area, with SIDEWALKS to run on, and lots of hills. Well, really about two hills that I hit from several angles. Roughly 50 minutes of interval-y hill attacks. It felt great. I got back to the car and decided to walk a block or two, and noticed a bike path (first one I've seen here-- big difference from Calgary!!). Decided to follow it, and found a GREAT park, complete with a pool! Unfortunately, this one doesn't open until Saturday. Just can't win. I'll head back there tomorrow for some easy laps around the park.

Not sure what I'll be able to do on Friday, but Saturday I'll probably do an easy ride and or run, just to stay loose and make sure the bike is working right. More about the bike later.