Sunday, October 5, 2008

9 Miles Through Leaf Piles

We've been very lucky to have amazing weather in September and into the first week of October. Better than August, actually. Today was a perfect day for a run... even if I did wear some of my cool weather gear.

So it also great that I had a couple of running buddies--Kim and Dr. Dan invited me to join them on a 9-miler as part of Kim's training program. Given that I didn't actually run last week (made it to the gym lots, but have been pretty light on the running), 15k was a little ambitious, but having them to talk to really helped! That, and we walked a little.

The route was the same as the last 15k I did, but the best part was that once we got out of Fish Creek Park, all the poplar leaves on the ground made for some fun crunching and swooshing. It wasn't great for our stride techniques, but Dan and I had a blast kicking leaves around.