Friday, June 13, 2008

Rain Finally Gone, I Hope

According to the forecast, it's actually NOT gone yet... but my fingers are crossed!

Last night N and I were able to get out on the bikes-- first time for her. I kind of underestimated the whole dynamic of not having biked for ten years, then hopping on a roadbike. The adjustment to the roadbike was tough enough for me, and I've done a LOT more biking recently!

But, you know what they say: it's just like riding a bike. Once she got going, she did great. A little disappointed in the tuneup from Pedalhead, as she got stuck between gears halfway through. I'm sure if we bring it back in, they'll make the necessary adjustments.

So it was a pretty leisurely half-hour ride, just getting the feel for the bikes. I think I still have some adjustments to do on my bike, especially with the seat angle and handlebar angle.

Also made it to the swim-- felt really good. Not sure what the mileage was, but it was a little shorter than usual, mostly 'cause the guys training for Ironman Canada took advantage of the weather (I suspect) to do some outdoor training.

On the slate for this weekend (weather permitting)-- run on saturday morning (8-10k) and long bike on Sunday with Dr. Dan and K, out towards Priddis on 22x.